1. General Information

Xdebug Cloud consists of the Website (https://xdebug.cloud) and the hosted Cloud Server. Both are hosted in the UK.

Xdebug Cloud's general principle is to store as little information as possible to provide the service, allow for troubleshooting, and do accurate billing.

By visiting this website, and using the Xdebug Cloud product, you accept and consent to the practises described in this policy.

No information has been, or will be shared, with third parties.

2. Collecting, Processing, and Use of Personally Identifiable Data

2.1 Billing

For billing purposes I collect: Business Name, Business Address, VAT/TAX numbers, Contact Person Name, Contact Person Email, Billing Email.

The Contact Person Name and Contact Person Email are used for important communication regarding the product and/or availability.

You can opt-in to product news on your profile page, which will be delivered as notification, or subscribe to the news letter which will arrive as plain text e-mail, no more than once a month.

Retention: Billing period, plus 7 years to comply with local laws.

2.2 Website

2.2.1 Account

For your user account I collect: Account Name, an Email Address to login with, an automatically created UUID to uniquely identify a user so that it is possible to change email address, and one or more IDE/Xdebug connection tokens.

Additionally, Xdebug Cloud stores how many IDE connections have been made for a user, whether and when your email address was confirmed, when the account was created, how often you have logged in, and when your last login was, when you last viewed notifications, and when (if at all) you performed password reset requests and when these were made.

The Account information can be requested in JSON format, by e-mailing support.

Retention: Until the user removes the account.

2.2.2 Cookies

The Website only uses a single PHPSESSID cookie to remember that you are currently logged in.

2.2.3 Third Party

The Website does not include trackers, advertising cookies/tokens, or any other third party tools.

The Website makes no external HTTP requests.

2.3 Cloud Server

2.3.1 Session Logs

Xdebug Cloud logs the start and end time of IDE and Xdebug connections, UUID, and connection tokens that belong to the session.

This session log is collected to provide you with status and debugging information on your user profile information in an aggregated form.

The Session Logs for your Account can be requested in JSON format, by e-mailing support.

Retention: At most 3 months.

2.3.2 Xdebug Cloud Server Logs

The Server Logs store information for the cloud hosted service. This includes: start up and shut down, every attempted Xdebug and IDE connection with originating IP address and port, connection time-outs, session termination, TLS/SSL errors, successful IDE connections with Account Name and UUID.

This list is not exhaustive and each element is stored with a timestamp. This information is collected for debugging and support purposes only. It can only be searched through by time, type, and if available, connection token.

The Cloud Server logs do not store debugging traffic, and neither does the Cloud Server analyse or inspect debugging traffic beyond the initial connection init which is required to redirect an incoming debugging request to the right IDE.

The Cloud Server Logs for your Account can be requested in JSON format, by e-mailing support.

Retention: At most 2 months.

2.3.3 Website Audit Logs

Stores information about logging in (success and failure), account status changes, password reset requests and confirmations. It also stores information about Website errors.

The authentication information is stored for security analysis and debugging purposes, and the website errors are collected to improve the Xdebug Cloud website itself.

Website Audit Logs can not be shared due to security reasons.

Retention: At most 3 months.