Please follow the following steps to get started with Xdebug Cloud:

  1. On the Xdebug Cloud website, sign up for a package.

  2. Once you have confirmed your email, and your account is validated and activated, you can find your connection token(s) on your profile page.

  3. In php.ini, configure the Xdebug 3 setting xdebug.cloud_id to the value of the connection token that you found on your profile page.


    Please note that your system might have a different php.ini file for Apache, PHP-FPM, and/or the CLI. You can use Xdebug's wizard to help you with Xdebug's installation and configuration.

  4. Restart your web server, PHP-FPM service, or Docker container if you're using that.

  5. In PhpStorm's settings search for Xdebug Cloud, check Connect to Xdebug Cloud, and enter your connection token/Cloud ID from your profile page:

    This token needs to match the one that you have configured in php.ini in step 3.

  6. You can now activate Run | Start Listening for PHP Debug Connections in PhpStorm's menu. This will connect PhpStorm to Xdebug Cloud.

    When a debug session starts in your PHP application, Xdebug will connect through the Xdebug Cloud service to PhpStorm.

Please contact support if you encounter any problems.